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Christina Hatzidimos,  Independent Partner
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About Christina Hatzidimos

Beautiful cards and stationery for every occasion from Flamingo Paperie
I came across Flamingo Paperie by pure chance looking for Christmas cards. I thought I would get a head start for 2020 but little did I know that this was a business opportunity waiting to happen! I am a bit of a stationery freak and love anything paper and creative. I was completely immersed in scrapbooking at one stage and with my love of paper and creative streak, decided to make invitations and decorations for christenings and birthdays. Flamingo Paperie is a great way for me to enjoy my love of stationery with the benefit of making people feel special by adding a personal touch of a card. I look forward to hearing from you and supplying you with these beautiful and thoughtful cards, wrapping, tags, stationery and more.
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