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Alison Hullyer
Alison Hullyer

I graduated from Northumbria University in 1990 after studying Graphic Design, Illustration and Printmaking. I live in a village outside Cambridge with my husband, dog Ollie and our really old chickens. Our two children are now at university.

I love to travel and have spent time in India, Nepal, Australia, Turkey, Greece and Morocco. I always take a sketchbook with me and look for new ideas on my travels or even just on my daily dog walks. I'm very lucky that this is my job.

I have worked extensively in the card publishing industry, and for Flamingo Paperie (formerly Phoenix), since 2002. They are such a friendly company with consistently high quality products. It's always a thrill to see my new designs come out in print, and I love the challenge of creating new artwork in a variety of styles, even if I am working on Christmas in the middle of summer!

I also produce artwork for exhibitions and galleries. Each July I take part in Cambridge Open Studios where 300 local artists open their studios to the public. I recently had my very own garden studio built which has transformed the way I work and freed the house up from piles of paper and art materials. Please feel free to visit one year.

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