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Alison Vickery
Alison Vickery

After Art School, I worked as a designer and design manager for some time, then went freelance to concentrate on painting and illustration on private and commercial commissions. As well as cards, my artwork appears on all sorts of things such as textiles, china, packaging and stationery. My largest piece of work to date is a wild and colourful canvas 7ft x 5ft; my smallest a gift tag. My paintings sell through a number of galleries and, since moving to Gloucestershire, I take part in Stroud Valleys Open Studios (over 100 Artists opening their studios to the public).

As a member of Gloucestershire Art for Schools, I enjoy running Art Workshops for children who always like to see my Flamingo (formerly Phoenix) artworks, picking out the ones they have seen or sent as cards. The children are excellent for the ego as they say things like ''you are one of the best Artists in the World'', I then come down to earth with an elderly group who sometimes nod off.

I have worked for the company since sending in a row of chickens (I love the characters of birds) and getting a call from Robin the Creative Director for a farm bird card. Horses followed, and since then all sorts. Flowers are a favourite, a lot of which I grow in my garden. Garden birds was inspired by my mum's bird table, she is a bit of a twitcher! The Red Door, in this year’s Christmas range, is a door in our village.

Flamingo (formerly Phoenix) are a great company to work for, very friendly and fair, you feel part of a team. I have recently been having an email chat with a Kiwi Trader with questions about artwork and, apparently, florals are really popular out there. And I get paid to do what I enjoy!

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