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Amanda Loverseed
Amanda Loverseed

It is amazing to think that I have been working with Flamingo (formerly Phoenix Trading) since the turn of the century! It has been a creative whirlwind designing more cards and other products than I can remember, with well over 300 published.

My first design was S20 ‘Chocolate’! And I am very proud that the design is still in production. Food is definitely a recurring theme in my work and cooking is a passion. I mostly work in pen and ink and watercolour. I like being able to work in a variety of styles and on different subjects, one day drawing black Skull and Crossbones and the next Blue Butterflies.

The success of my design ‘Blue Butterfly’ has been a highlight. Knowing that it contributed towards raising over AU$ 40,000 for Phoenix Trading’s Australian Bushfire Appeal is amazing.

I have always worked as an illustrator. I studied illustration at Cambridge College of Arts and Technology and immediately, after leaving college, had my first two children’s books accepted. It is particularly interesting to work on designs that require research.

I live up a track in the middle of a field with my husband and two cats, Millie and Spinach. I have a wonderful view of the South Downs from my studio window and, whenever I get tired with drawing, I walk along the track and the two cats come with me. If I am out and about I am always looking for inspiration, such as a quirky building or car that will make its way into a 'Cut Thru' design or an idea for Christmas cards seen in the spring.

I love illustrating for Flamingo and the creative freedom it allows me and enjoy working with people who care passionately about the quality and integrity of their products. I am delighted that a chance meeting with a distributor at a Christmas fair in 1999 should have led me to work with such a friendly and dedicated company.

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