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Carla Koala
Carla Koala

I am a lucky girl as I get to draw fun, silly, quirky, cool images for a great company who has employed me since it was just ‘three ladies and a basket of cards’ back in the last century!

I am a trained artist and a working actress and voice-over, and the two occupations run nicely in parallel with each other. My style is modern, reflecting the current trends and typography, and I work mainly in inks and watercolour. I cater for all possible ages and any occasion you could think of. I keep an eye on trends and adapt my style accordingly. I also write sentiments and rhyme and verses where required, generally with a humorous slant.

I have been very big in fairyland for many years, and my offerings have come in all shapes, sizes and hues! Several of my fairies have proved to be long-time best-sellers which is always really satisfying.

Sadly, my gorgeous muse, Harold the Siamese, who had appeared on countless images over the last ten or more years, died a couple of years ago. He still, however, magically seems to appear on my new images, as I like to put a cat or dog somewhere on my design, so his presence continues.

I do work for other clients as well, and my designs are to be found on ceramics, housewares, paper ware, book illustrations and all sorts of products really.

I hope I can continue to come up with the goods for another decade at least, when I will eventually be put out to grass or into a home for retired, ancient artists and actors!

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