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Emily Johnston
Emily Johnston

I have illustrated cards, gift wrap and other fun products for Flamingo (formerly Phoenix) since 2006. My first card was Candy Tree. My designs are bright, fun and colourful and I love thinking of new ideas for the range. I usually produce my work in gouache or watercolour, but all my rough, initial designs are drawn digitally.

I live in a village near Stamford with my husband Alan, and children, Flora and Arthur. I am a lover of all things vintage, stripey, spotty and chocolatey!

I have a degree in graphic design, and, in my pre-Phoenix life, I was a web designer. Now I work in a glorious, colourful studio full of hoarded objects and vintage tins and fabrics. I get bucket-loads of inspiration from my family and friends and usually have more ideas than I can handle! Every design starts from a small sketch in my sketchbook but I have been known to hurriedly scribble ideas down on the back of old envelopes and receipts if I have a sudden creative surge away from my studio!

I love to experience new creative pursuits and, when I am not designing for Flamingo, you will find me either crafting or sewing.

I feel empowered to know that I am doing something I both love and enjoy that is creative and fun. Working from home enables me to get that elusive work/life balance just right. It is extremely satisfying and the children think that it’s magic!

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