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Gerry Murray
Gerry Murray

Working as a designer and illustrator is a real privilege. I am passionate about running my own business, having the freedom to design, sketch, paint and create watercolour illustrations. This is a job which I dearly love and will endeavour to do for a very long time. I am inspired by all things around me; beautiful flowers, birds, gardens, new places, the seasons, travelling, pattern and, of course, colour.

I adore cooking, especially sweet things like cakes, desserts and puddings. Fairy cakes and buns are a speciality which my husband and two children love! Cupcakes and treats have been very inspirational and have played a big part in some of my recent designs.

Ceramics is another love in my life which has inspired and influenced me in what I design today. I came from County Armagh, Northern Ireland, to Staffordshire to study for an MA in Ceramics almost 20 years ago. I produced hand thrown ceramics and designed surface patterns for the potteries industry in the UK and Europe for many years before diversifying into designing cards, gift wrap and all things decorated.

Being part of the greeting card industry is such a joy. Having the diversity to develop designs for Christmas, everyday and seasonal products, is an absolute dream. Every day is exciting, creating new concepts and ideas. This flexibility allows my business to develop in lots of different areas.

The friendly staff at Flamingo have been fantastic to work with and have allowed me to develop a style and a range of cards which I am very proud of. Designing new artwork illustrations and being told how beautiful they are, or how well they have sold, is such a wonderful feeling. Being happy in what you do is the best possible feeling in the world!

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