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Honor Ayres
Honor Ayres

I remember from an early age sitting with my Nan at her kitchen table painting garden flowers. A keen artist herself, I always wanted my paintings to be as beautiful as hers. She would show me ways to paint and I was allowed to use her best brushes and paints - such a treat for a small child. It was in those early years that I realised all I wanted to do was paint, and now I am fortunate to do it for a living.

I have a degree in Illustration from Bath Spa University College and after studying in such a beautiful city, decided to stay. I went to work for a card company as an in-house artist where I gained a great amount of experience - it's exciting to see your work in shops and to think people have your designs in their homes.

Having left in 2004 to have a family, I now work as a freelance illustrator. I have had many children's books published during this time and it's now lovely to see my children reading and enjoying books that I have illustrated. However, I never strayed too far away from the card industry!

I was first introduced to Flaming (formerly Phoenix) by two friends who were Partners. I really liked the cards and they encouraged me to send in some designs. I was so pleased when I received the phone call to say that my work was accepted! It has been a privilege to work with Phoenix in the last few years and now that my three children are all at school, I am hoping to have a bit more creative time to come up with lots more ideas in the future.

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