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Julia Rigby
Julia Rigby

Julia Rigby's first design “Farm Invitation” came out in the spring of 2002. Since then, her designs have been pouring in by the truck load!

“I can’t seem to stop!” she admits. “Working for Flamingo (formerly Phoenix) is a total delight - I can work around my children’s needs, in my own home, doing something I love. It is so exciting to see my work printed and the team are so friendly and supportive. Whenever I meet Partners they always come up with lots of new suggestions for cards so I am never short of inspiration.”

Painting and drawing has always been a big part of Julia’s life and when she stopped work as a training instructor to be at home full-time it gave her the perfect opportunity to do something more with her talent.

She was introduced to the company by her friend and Trader, Mo Sayer. Mo insisted that Julia submit some of her work - convinced that it would suit perfectly - how right she was!

When Julia is not painting she enjoys gardening and interior design. She lives in Hertfordshire with husband Chris and their three children.

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