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Kate Garrett
Kate Garrett

I have always been a bit arty and was endlessly drawing as a child, even managing to win a couple of national art competitions (one of them designing a Christmas card for The Woodland Trust with little animals playing in the snow), but never dreamt that it would end up being my career. I didn't study art or design after school, instead deciding to go for the sensible option of a degree in Biological Sciences. I ended up teaching Biology at Secondary Level (my pupils were always complaining that we had to do far too many drawings), and this working life continued until the birth of my daughter in 2006.

At last, I didn't feel I had to 'go to work' any more, instead staying at home with my daughter, who was followed by a little boy two years later. Rather than fritter away my time doing useful things like housework, I started painting name pictures for children, illustrated with fairies and little animals.

This gradually blossomed and grew into my own business, which takes up most of my time. I now paint a huge range of designs, illustrated in ink and watercolour. I am extremely lucky to live in beautiful rural North Devon with my husband, 2 children, 4 horses, 10 chickens and a very old cat. Working for myself means that I can 'skive off' for the day when the weather is lovely, and go to the beach or the moor, or just play in the garden. I am very excited about working with Flamingo to produce new card designs.

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