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Louise Anglicas and Michael Cheung
Louise Anglicas and Michael Cheung

I think artistic tendencies are in our blood. I can remember, from a very young age, illustrating and making my own version of picture travel bingo for the long car journeys to summer holidays in North Wales. Michael, on the other hand, always dreamed of being a car designer, and his first woodwork project at school was a 3D model of a car, with working wheels. Now, he is just happy to test out other people’s car designs!

Michael and I met a long time ago! We were both 18 and had ambled out of school onto an art foundation course at Rochdale College. We both knew we wanted to have creative careers, but didn’t quite know in what field! Michael began in sculptural and stained glass but ended up taking a MA in Multimedia Graphics. He has now transferred his graphics skills into the wonderful world of greetings and wall art.

Studying for my degree in the Potteries gave me a great grounding, working in the commercial world, and learning how to work to fast-paced, crazy deadlines.

Now, many years on, we’ve found ourselves with two lovely daughters working together from home in our own company. Our work fits wonderfully around our daughters’ hectic school lives, and on those rare, sunny, English days, when we used to be cooped up in an in-house design studio, we now feel very lucky to be able to get out for a walk and see that precious sunshine once in a while!

Since freelancing, we’ve been very fortunate to work on varied briefs, and in different sectors of design, and we still get excited when we spot our designs in print 16 years on. We feel very privileged to be able to do what we do, and it’s great to be involved with companies like Flamingo (formerly Phoenix), where you feel you can be free creatively in your designs, and then, when you see just how beautifully they’ve been interpreted into the final product, it makes it all the more rewarding!

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