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Company Ethic

At Flamingo Paperie, we take our responsibilities to our Partners, artists, suppliers, staff and the environment very seriously. We try our best to make a positive contribution to the world we inhabit by treating our stakeholders with professionalism and respect, adhering to the prescribed standards set by our industry moderators and applying best practice to all issues that affect the environment such as sustainable paper sources, biodegradability and recycling. We know we can always do better and to that end we will undertake an annual audit of our business practices to ensure continuous improvement.

Currently, 100% of our products are produced in the UK using UK-sourced environmentally accredited materials. As a responsible greeting card publisher, we are always working towards improving our environmental credentials.

  • Flamingo Paperie and all our leading print suppliers have, or are striving towards, full compliance with ISO14001, the international accreditation standard for environmental management, or EMAS (the Eco-Management & Audit Scheme).
  • we give preference to totally chlorine-free paper products.
  • We work with our suppliers to ensure that the virgin fibre we purchase comes from independently certified and well-managed forests, which reject illegal and/or destructive logging, and which are regulated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) or an equivalent standard.
  • We encourage recycling by the consumer by having a ‘recycle me’ message on the back of our cards.
  • One of our suppliers makes deliveries in a vehicle powered by recycled chip fat!
  • We are working towards the exclusive use of vegetable-based inks ensuring all our products are printed using low, or no, alcohol printing techniques eliminating the Volatile Organic Compound emissions, which are harmful to health and contribute to global warming and the destruction of ozone.

For more information about Sustainable Sources versus Recycled Paper, please click here.

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