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About our Directors

Come and get to know us... in reality, we all do a bit of everything, but our title tells you what we are supposed to be doing!


Robin Bradley

Robin Bradley

Art Director

Favourite things... books and music (but probably music)

Listening to... 'Soave sia el vento' (on loop!) from Cosi Fan Tutte, Mozart. Perfection!

Reading... Flipping erratically between Peter May's 'The Black House' and Dr Matthew Green's 'London, A Travel Guide Through Time'. Combining my two favourite places on earth: London and The Hebrides

Stuart Millar

Stuart Millar

Sales Director

Favourite things: Driving (luckily) and good coffee

Listening to... Meridian Brothers

Reading...'The Hidden Life of Trees' by Peter Wohlleben

Sheila Shaw

Sheila Shaw

Ops Director

Favourite, reading, theatre, cinema, music. Enjoying this summer sunshine!

Listening books and downloaded Radio 4 programmes that I missed.

Currently reading...'Wilding' by Isabella Tree. This is the account of the re-wilding of a Sussex farm since 2000 and how nature has been allowed back in, with spectacular results. Absolutely brilliant!

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